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A Revolutionary, Ultra-Portable Solution

Introducing the AERODLU

The AERODLU (Aerodynamic Download Unit) is purpose-built for extracting crucial flight data from Flight Data Recorders (FDR) and capturing pristine cockpit audio and Datalink from Cockpit Voice Recorders (CVR).

The high-performance AERODLU ensures seamless download and wireless data transfer to optimise delivery to analysis centres. 

Meticulously engineered to ensure compatibility with a wide array of recorder manufacturers, you can count on AERODLU to effortlessly integrate with recorders from industry-leading brands, such as L3Harris, Honeywell, Universal and Curtiss-Wright, including their 6th generation 25 hour recorders.

Simplicity of Design

Rich in Features

The AERODLU has been designed with simplicity in mind. Data can be downloaded directly to its internal memory or to a USB Flash Drive, making data retrieval as easy as plug and play.

The Bluetooth feature integrated into our DLU enhances the user experience by seamlessly connecting your AERODLU to your tablet or mobile device through our user-friendly, intuitive app.
With this cutting-edge technology, you can easily access a wide range of functions, including Engineering Units, directly on your device.

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Versatile and dependable performance.

Enhanced usability

Our commitment to compatibility means that no matter which recorder manufacturer you rely on, the AERODLU will be equipped to meet your data download needs, ensuring you have access to critical information from your black boxes, including the newest 25-hour recorders.

The AERODLU comes complete with Bluetooth technology, a feature we are proud of. 

Trust in the AERODLU for versatile and dependable performance across the board.

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